Processing properties of rice flour


Processing properties of white rice flour

Rice flour noodle

High-amylose rice has a high content of amylose, which constitutes starch, the primary component of rice. The higher the amylose content, the harder the rice flour becomes. Capitalizing on this property, it is often processed into noodles.Rice-flour ramen noodles intended for vegans and allergen-free noodles not containing any of 27 allergens have also been developed as new products.
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Rice flour bread

Bread makers for household use released in 2017 can be used to make 100% rice flour bread (without gluten), which rises well only with rice flour, water, dry yeast, sugar, salt, and oil. “Mizuhochikara,” a rice brand suitable for rice flour bread, is particularly popular.
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Processing properties of brown rice flour

Brown rice flour bread, which features less damaged starch, smaller grains, and good rising property, has been manufactured.
Thanks to the development of rice polishing technology in recent years, highly nutritious rice flour obtained by removing only the superficial layer (wax layer) from brown rice and rice flour with increased GABA content have been manufactured.
As functional ingredients, it contains 16 times more γ oryzanol and 3 times more dietary fiber than white rice flour, raising the value of rice flour bread.

Brown rice with wax layer removed

The superficial wax layer of brown rice is removed to produce brown rice that can be cooked as easily as polished rice, has a good texture, and can be digested easily.


Sprouted rice

Sprouted rice is produced by allowing brown rice to sprout slightly. The convenient-to-eat sprouted rice has more nutrients than brown rice.

Brown rice flour

To solve the problem of degradation of brown rice, the methods of physical heat treatment and microwave irradiation have been established. By heating brown rice, enzymes are deactivated, and a germ-free, worm-free state can be maintained, which enables brown rice to be brought into processing factories without health risks and also facilitates its export.